This is why, Helicopter worked hard to develop cures for both diseases

Even with devoid of had your own encounter which have Caesar Clown (until the prevent of your own Punk Possibility Arc), Chopper features easily adult in order to dislike the angry researcher immediately after learning this new vicious experiments he held swingingheaven into college students he kidnapped (similar you might say in order to Dr. Hogback). Despite this, once protecting the kids, Chopper’s hatred out-of your seems to have minimized quite, willing to heal their wounds immediately after their confrontation with Luffy, even stopping Sanji of kicking your on deal with more when you are healing him (however, the guy performed bring him consent to keep immediately after he was complete patching your right up). 

Chopper has actually also found adore getting Caesar’s medical expertise, only if briefly, immediately following trusting he had been the person who is originally guilty of carrying out SMILE’s, actually contacting him a great “genius” (which he preferred), however, rapidly dismisses him immediately following founding out one Vegapunk was the person who extremely located they very first. not, abreast of watching Caesar’s delight from the exactly how their Koro gas decimated the latest Mink Group, Helicopter fundamentally shed determination having your and you can defeat your up personally, forcing your to make an antidote with the minks while Sanji endangered so you can wreck Caesar’s disembodied heart.

Even after Chopper’s dislike out of Caesar, the latter is allowed to improve reindeer best the fresh new Rumble Basketball formula, having offered Helicopter a listing of things that can be put adjust the time maximum from his Monster Section.


Helicopter really stands facing Queen’s advancement and you will weaponization out-of viral diseases, provided those people strategies very hazardous and you may dishonest due to the uncontrollable nature from viruses. The existence of both the Mom and Frost Oni worms astonished Helicopter, who was simply able to experience its deadly, cruel outcomes first-hand.

Queen underestimated Chopper’s capacity to remove his worms, when he viewed brand new reindeer due to the fact nothing more than good lowly ship’s doc. King together with thought that Helicopter is deceiving the newest victims of their Freeze Oni state on hope out-of a cure on account of their own opinions around the globe out-of piracy, in which lies and treachery work on rampant. When Helicopter been able to establish him completely wrong, although not, King is actually angered, specifically once Chopper come lecturing him in the scientific integrity. Like many other emails, Queen refers to Helicopter once the good tanuki. Helicopter, predictably resentful about this, made clear so you can Queen he had been, a good reindeer, while showing up in The-Star regarding the deal with whenever given the options by Marco.

In the event Helicopter leftover assaulting him for the Monster Point, Queen remained pompous on the Helicopter and accepted that he wasn’t bringing the reindeer surely inside battle when he are happy to find yourself him out of, before Sanji intervened.

Caesar Clown

On account of their morals, Chopper is infuriated by the those who play with fake diseases due to the fact guns including the Giants Pirates did to the Mama virus. Inside the raid at Onigashima he was ready to help partners and foes the exact same who had been contaminated of the Queen’s Freeze Oni and you will reported that whoever spends it a gun will eventually reduce control of they.

Adopting the timeskip, Helicopter is much more prepared to beat-up Luffy getting stupid choice and make but nevertheless highly respects him as chief, given that viewed as he observed Luffy defeat and you may acquire Surume. Inside Punk Hazard, if the babies were drugged by Caesar Clown, Chopper told Luffy the necessity of perhaps not permitting the youngsters consume the “candy” and Luffy acknowledged his degree just like the a doctor.

Following timeskip, Helicopter has been in the wonder regarding Usopp, because the seen in Zou as he hugged Usopp immediately after its reunion.

Just after Franky’s entryway to your crew, Helicopter try astonished from the Franky’s inventions (particularly the Mini Merry II) and suggests high value to have him. They are and from inside the admiration regarding Franky’s automatic human anatomy, specifically after the timeskip. Franky is very much a sibling figure towards Chopper and cyborg usually allow the doctor journey to your their direct once they is actually travel.